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Cycling days


Spain has many cycle paths and many small local and quiet roads, distances are varied and there is lots to see and do along the way. So, come visit Spain and get on a bike! 

In this information we want you to know how our tours work from A to Z:


Day 1 of your holiday is arrival day, the day you travel to the starting point of your tour. We haven’t planned any cycling on this day. A town selected by us as starting point for a tour is easy to reach by public transport unless otherwise specified. For those arriving by car, a parking place is usually possible, but you will have to advise in advance.

Bicycle hire and insurance

If you don’t bring your own bycicle, you can rent a bicycle from our providers. Depending on the tour, we have different bike types for rent, please check the bicycle information on the tour you are interested in.

You will receive your rental bike at the start of your holiday and return it before you go home. All bikes are provided with chain locks. If a rental bike gets stolen or damaged, the bike rental company will hold the client responsible. If your insurance does not cover this event, you will have to pay the costs yourself.

The bycicle provider for your tour will give you a hire contract to sign the first day, when the bicycles are delivered to you. If you wish to insure your bike against theft, please ask them if they include this insurance in their contract terms and if not, about the possibility of getting this insurance.  


The easiest way to book your bike holiday, is to fill out our online booking form. But feel free to use e-mail or phone if you prefer. The booking will be definitive and irrevocable as soon as the booking confirmation has been sent to you. Please also read our Terms & Conditions of Booking.


 We recommend that you bring your own repair kit in case you have to fix a flat tire. For minor repairs you can turn to a bicycle repairman. For anything bigger, call our 24-hour assistance. 


Some of our bike tours are suitable for families with children. These trips have the rental service of child bikes, child seats, trailers and trailer-bikes. Please, take a look at our Family Trips for more information.

Departure day

The last day of the holiday is departure day: the day you check out of the hotel and travel home. We have not planned any cycling on this day. Rental bikes will not be available for you on this day. 


Your luggage – one suitcase per person (max. 20 kg) – will be transfered from hotel to hotel. The luggage is picked up after 9,30 a.m. and usually delivered to your next hotel before 5 p.m. Per room you will receive 1 extra luggage tag.

The luggage transfers are done with care, although normal use scratches, dents and other minor damages of your suitcases can occur. For this, we are not responsible. For large damages you can file a claim with your travel and/or luggage insurance. 


We have cycle tours for cyclists of all ability levels, as our tours have varying degrees of difficulty. On the whole, it is hard to predict how cyclists will experience the level of difficulty of their tour. It depends on a range of factors, some of them subjective and other objective, such as :  the daily distances, the wind direction, the weather, the number of gears on your bike and your own physical condition. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our travel consultants.

Level 1: Easy biking in nearly-flat landscape; also possible for people with little or no bicycle experience. The daily distances are 20-40 km in general. Bicycles with up to 3 gears can do the job. All our adult rental bikes have at least 21 gears.

Level 2: Biking in nearly-flat to hilly areas for the infrequent cyclist. The daily distances vary between 30 and 50 km and you may encounter a short climb (of max 200m) from time to time. A bicycle with minimum 7 gears will do. All our rental bikes have at least 21 gears

Level 3: Biking in hilly areas for the fit and frequent cyclist. The daily distances vary between 35 and 65 km. but you will encounter some steep or extended climbs up to 500m. You will need a bicycle with at least 21 gears

Level 4: Demanding biking in areas where you cannot avoid steep and extended climbs up to 750m and the Training and bicycle experience are required. The daily distances range from 40 up to 80 km. You need a strong bicycle with at least 21 gears.

Level 5: Serious and strenuous biking trips in mountainous area. The slopes are longer and/or steeper than at the previous category and the daily distances range between 50 and 100 km Requires an excellent physical condition, a broad cycling experience and adequate mountain climbing bicycle. 


We have listed explicitly all the daily cycling distances for each tour. Please study them carefully before you decide on a holiday. Moreover, you may want to take into consideration how much time you want to spend sightseeing in relation to the hours spent cycling. Remember, you can always book an extra night if you need more time to see the sights.


Spain is a hilly and mountainous country, so as a rule, if you book a holiday it’s best to expect several ups and downs each day, usually gained in a gradual way and not being too steep. 

Road Book & Destination Manual

After full payment has been made, we will send you the Destination Manual and the Road Book with the routes in detail by e-mail. The complete printed route package including maps etc. will be ready for you upon arrival at the first hotel. 









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