Rental bikes
FIND your perfect trip!
FIND your
perfect trip!
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Rental bikes

Each trip has its own rental bike provider, so when you book all the information you need will be on the general details of the trip (type, model, provider, rental price, availability, etc…)

As a general rule, you will be able to rent hybrid bikes with 21 gears, including repair kit, lock, paniers. Other accessories will depend on the trip you book. 

You will receive your rental bike at the start of your holiday, the provider will deliver it to you and will have a contract to sign before leaving the bikes. You will have to return the bicycle at the last accommodation.

All bikes are provided with chain locks. If a rental bike gets stolen or damaged, the bike rental company will hold the client responsible. If your insurance does not cover this event, you will have to pay the costs yourself.


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