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FIND your
perfect trip!
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Logistical support


Your luggage – one suitcase per person (max. 20 kg) – will be transfered from hotel to hotel. The luggage is picked up after 9,30 a.m. and usually delivered to your next hotel before 5 p.m. 

You will receive 1 extra luggage tag per room.

The luggage transfers are done with care, although normal use scratches, dents and other minor damages of your suitcases can occur. For this, we are not responsible. For large damages you can file a claim with your travel and/or luggage insurance. 


If you come with your own car and decide to leave it the first accommodation, we can arrange a transfer to get back to the first hotel on the last day, when your tour is finished.

We can also arrange airport transfers to/from the first and last accommodations.


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